This past year at Passion, there was an issue that was addressed about human slavery and trafficking. Many people believe that the worst bout of slavery occurred during the African Slave Trade, but in fact slavery is worse now in the twenty first century that it has ever been. Today there are over twenty-seven million people who are involved in human trafficking and slavery. This industry is one that is booming in profit, accruing over 37 billion dollars in revenue, but at the expense of other people’s livelihood.

Passion is a word that means any powerful or compelling motion, but it is empty unless there is an action. At Ole Miss, a group of people have decided to take a step of action and a step of faith. Run to Rescue is a 5K that will be held on April 8, 2014 to raise money and awareness about human trafficking in the world today. Proceeds to this race will be sent to the International Justice Mission, who is a human right agency that helps speaks out against human slavery and sexual exploitation. Not only do we intend on raising awareness about human slavery, but we intend on presenting the gospel in events leading up to the race and on race day.

We would gladly accept your support on the issue either monetarily or most importantly through prayer. If your church has any upcoming events in which we could present the mission and heart of Run to Rescue, we would be more than wiling to come and share more information with  you, and with the congregation. All of the donations will go to help funding the race and to help support IJM. Thank you again for your time, and we hope that you can pray that this will not only be a race to support a cause, but an event that can cause a movement of Christ throughout our college campus and the community.

In Him,

Ole Miss Run to Rescue Staff

Isaiah 58:6